to Gunnison, Utah

Gunnison Primary Election 2019
Preliminary (Election Night) Totals

Stella S. Hill  163
Rodney L. Taylor   161
Justen K. Mellor   145
Scott W. Reid   134
Brian Sorensen   115
Blake Donaldson   105
Michelle Christenson   92
Scott Hal Pickett   52
Scott Andersen   48
Ron Gale Christenson   35

405 Ballots were cast out of 820 active
registered voters =49% voter turnout

The six candidates in red will move on to the
General Election on November 7

Candidate Contribution and Expenditure Reports:

Please Click on each name for individual
Candidate Contribution and Expenditure Reports
due 8/06/2019

Brian Sorensen
Rodney L. Taylor
Stella S. Hill
Blake Donaldson
Justen K. Mellor
Scott Andersen
Michelle Christenson
Ron Gale Christenson
Scott Hal Pickett
Scott W. Reid

Join the Gunnison City Text Alert System:

The City is creating a text message alert system.
Participation is free for two phones per household.
To Join the Gunnison City Text Messaging notification list do one of the following.
(NOTE: Msg & Data rates may apply)

  • Text the word GunnisonCity to 88202
  • Go to and follow the links to the registration page
  • Call City Hall 435-528-7969 provide them with your information and they will add you to the list.
  • Read the QR Code and hit send




  Register online to vote @ or go in person to the
County Clerk's office at 160 North Main, Manti, Utah
for future elections

Specific Enterprise Fund Information:



Notice is hereby given that the Gunnison City Council approved the
2019-2020 budget on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 as Resolution 2019-5.
The 2019-2020 budget contains transfers
from the Utility Fund to the General Fund of $317,030. This transfer represents
approximately 18.28% of the total Utility Fund expenditure.
Administrative and overhead costs allocated were $27,000 which represents
approximately 1% of the total Utility Fund expenditure.


The cost accounting breakdown for
the Specific Enterprise Fund is as follows:


Administrative & Overhead costs allocated:
audit and accounting $14,500 to #518131 and $12,500 to #518231.
Other none associated costs are as follows: $90,000 from account #517911
for charges made to the General Fund by the Water Fund for water
used on the parks (the Water Fund then returns the charges to the
General Fund through a transfer of the same amount), and
$227,030 from account #517913 from the Water Fund to the General Fund.


Dated this 21st day of June, 2019

/s/Janell Braithwaite, City Recorder


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Incorporated As a City: September 13, 1909
Altitude: 5,080 ft.
Population: 3,285
County: Sanpete
Interested in the history of
Gunnison City?
Purchase your own
Gunnison Valley Centennial Book (1859-1959)
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Miss Gunnison Valley 2019-2020

Lt to Rt:  Attendant-Jentrie Jackson,
Queen-McKenna Taylor
1st Attendant-Gracy Christenson
Attendant-Aubree Jensen