Gunnison Fire Department

Fire Chief:
Jed Hansen

Fire Station phone: 435-528-7070
Emergency Phone: 911

     Gunnison Valley's Fire Department consists of 23 volunteer fire fighters from the Gunnison Valley. Gunnison recently finished construction of the new Gunnison Valley Fire Station located at 40 East 200 North in Gunnison.

     No Burn Season is June 1-November 1. If you need to burn during this season, please call Sanpete County Dispatch at 435-835-2345.

                               January 1, 2012 Roster
                                    Keith Peterson
                                     Kevin Hansen
                                    Van Malmgren
                                    Rohn Peterson
                                     Boyce Mulder
                                      Jed Hansen
                                   Brian Sorensen
                                     Alan Rogers
                                  Cody Ludvigson
                                    Garren Lund
                                   Mike LaPierre
                               Greg Bartholomew
                              Cameron Thompson
                                 Kevin Conover
                                Aaron McClaskey
                               Jaren Anderson
                             Travis Leatherwood
                                Jay Bartholomew
                                    Nathan King
                                   Shane Elmer
                                 Brandon Brown
                                 Justin Peterson
                                  Ben Dalley


Gunnison City thanks each member for their dedication and service to our Valley!

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