Donald Childs

Phone: 435-528-7969

Current rates are:

Residents:  $14.50 per month for
one City garbage container

Each additional City container
will be $2.50 per month

Resolution 2015-6

Adopted on June 17, 2015

Whites Sanitation picks up garbage on Tuesday mornings.
Sanpete County Landfill operates two separate landfills within the county. The Chester Landfill located on Highway 89 between Mt. Pleasant and Ephraim is a Class IVb landfill, which means it is designated as a construction and demolition debris landfill only. 

Materials accepted are:
1. Non-hazardous construction/demolition waste  
2. Yard Waste
3. Insert waste, dead animals, waste tires, automotive batteries, and metal

Materials NOT accepted are:
1. Household waste such as: food containers, clothing, toys, cardboard, carpet, televisions, computers, liquids, treated lumber, diapers, plastic containers, Styrofoam, bedding, mattresses, sofas, recliners, all other furniture, etc.
2. Any type of hazardous material

Hours of operation:
Summer hours (Apr. 1-Oct. 31):     10 am -4 pm           Wed. and Sat. only
Winter hours (Nov. 1-Mar. 31):      10 am-4 pm           Saturday only

The Whitehills Landfill is a Class I landfill, which means it is a general purpose landfill that will accept most items including those accepted at the Chester Landfill along with Household waste

Hours of Operation:
            Summer hours (Apr. 1-Oct. 31):   10 am-6 pm            Mon-Sat.
            Winter hours (Nov. 1-Mar. 31):    10 am-5:30 pm      Mon-Sat.

Both Landfills are closed on holidays

Some fees apply for use of the landfills and payments will be made by check only.

For questions or concerns please contact:
Larry Hansen, Solid Waste management Contractor, at: 435-427-5351, 435-469-1105 or 435-427-3812