Legacy Wall

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Press Release

Gunnison City is pleased to announce the receipt of a $2,000 grant from the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation for the Legacy Wall which will be the focal point of the new public plaza planned for the former Top Stop property. Mark Cox, Customer and Community Manager, Rocky Mountain Power, presented Mayor Lori Nay with the funds on Wednesday, Sept 28.

These funds match a recent grant of $2,000 received from the Utah Arts Council - Arts in Education which is also slated for the creation of the Legacy Wall.  Artists, Michael Moonbird and Victoria Lyons, will work with community volunteers and local students to create public art that tells stories of our community and points of interest with mosaic and self-created tiles. This arts project will give students and community members a unique experience to learn about art and local history while providing a valuable aesthetic benefit and cultural asset to Gunnison. 

Gunnison City has supported other public art projects that have been successful and well-loved - the Sanpitch Dragon and Ocean Art at the Gunnison Swimming Pool are examples of what good things happen when people come together to create art in a public space.   Public Art projects build and excite a community, elevate civic pride, help us heal and rebuild, and celebrate what is good about our world as we work together to create a work of art that is truly our own. The Sanpitch Dragon attracted 241 volunteers that came to glue their tile on the wall. Do you know which one is the tile that you placed on the wall? The Legacy Wall will need volunteers to do the same thing again and more.

Diana Spencer, Project Chair, is looking for volunteers who are interested in translating this exciting idea into reality. Our initial focus will be in the creation of the large engraved self-created tiles which will take people interested in writing our stories and those interested in developing tiles.   The Artists will guide our volunteers and students in this creative process of developing a pictorial tribute to themes such as: Captain Gunnison, the Sugar Beet Industry, the Blackhawk War, the Jewish Settlement of Clarion, original pioneers, ancient Indians and pictographs, and so on. 

The Legacy Wall is one of the most exciting features of the Main Street Revitalization Project and will be a monument to the strength of our people and their accomplishments and a lasting legacy to our community’s unique history. Get excited – Join the creation of our new Legacy – contact Gunnison City at 528-7969 and say you want to know more. Check out our website at Gunnisoncity.org – Legacy Wall.


Legacy Wall Grant