to Gunnison, Utah

Gunnison City

Irrigation water is
available to use--

No outside watering allowed
from 10 am-6 pm

Public Notice

Gunnison City Cemetery


Please remove all decorations and flowers at the

Gunnison City Cemetery

before Monday, May 14th. 

All decorations and flowers left after that will be

removed by the Park Maintenance Crew.


Shepherds hooks must be placed on the sides
of the headstone **not on the front or back.

Dog Licenses are past due!

Bring in your dog's proof of rabies vaccination,
and come in today for a 2018 license.
(A late fee will be assessed after March 31st)


   Gunnison City's
Annual Drinking Water Report

  Register online to vote @ or go in person to the
County Clerk's office at 160 North Main, Manti, Utah
for future elections

Enterprise Fund Accounting Data:

Cost Accounting Breakdown
Administrative and Overhead costs allocated
Accounting and Auditing Services:  $17,000

Other none associated costs:
Transfer to General Fund:  $349,450

Specific Enterprise Fund Information:
Transfer to General Fund:  $349,450
Percentage of total Enterprise Fund Expenditure:  26.77%
Dated this 22nd day of June, 2017
/s/Janell Braithwaite, City Recorder


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Incorporated As a City: September 13, 1909
Altitude: 5,080 ft.
Population: 3,285
County: Sanpete
Interested in the history of
Gunnison City?
Purchase your own
Gunnison Valley Centennial Book (1859-1959)
by contacting Mark Henline at
or at

Miss Gunnison Valley 2017-2018

Lt to Rt:  1st Attendant-Lindzey Harding,
Queen-Madelynn Hill
2nd Attendant-Alexis Winters