Veterans' Memorial

Gunnison Valley Veterans Memorial

     Gunnison American Legion members Mark Pickett and Devin Prisbrey pitched the idea to Gunnison City officials, and have worked alongside many members and Veterans to sponsor fund raisers in hopes of raising the money necessary to construct a new Gunnison Valley Veterans Memorial including sponsoring the City’s annual 4th of July auction in 2011.  Supporters of the project say a brand new Veterans Memorial at the City Park will upgrade the tribute to the area’s military veterans.  It will consist of an 8-foot high stone wall containing the laser-inscribed names of the area’s war veterans.  The World War II cannon at the City Park would be part of the design, as would flags representing the different branches of the armed services.  It would also include a military –or veteran themed sculpture.  The list of veterans would be more inclusive than the one that currently exists.  Currently, Gunnison’s Veterans Memorial has names of war vets from World War I to the early 1990’s Desert Storm.  The new memorial would honor veterans from as far back as the Blackhawk War, and would include those who have served in recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This isn’t just a Gunnison City Memorial, it is a Gunnison Valley Memorial.  If you would like to donate or have any comments, please contact Gunnison City Hall at 435-528-7969.